Striking Gold: Finding Purpose

How does one approach an infinitely expanding topic? Can anyone extrapolate such profoundness? What is the meaning of life, that is, what gives life meaning? An inquisition pondered for millennia. One simply distilled perspective is that life has no meaning but the meaning you give life. This is gut-wrenching irony for many who endlessly seek, […]

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Lately I’ve been endlessly striving to narrow down what purpose this blog is intended to serve. Originally I created it as a method to support myself financially [haha]. I know right? Fat chance! But is it? Each and every day a new blog is born and someone is making a living sharing their thoughts with […]

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Self-Awareness: How to Master the Fundamental that Shapes Your Life

In this article we’ll dive into what it means to be self-aware, how it directly influences all areas of our lives and how we can develop our self-awareness today. There are two primary ways to view awareness: internal and external. External awareness about our environment is important. It’s the primary contributing factor to human evolution […]

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